Washington DC – Wrap up

Group photo
Sat night dinner group shot

Monday morning came too soon and too early – it sounded like they were trying to rebuild the city right outside our hotel window!! While everyone else was set to leave right after breakfast, my flight wasn’t leaving Baltimore until nearly 6pm so the shuttle didn’t need to pick me up until 2:45. I arranged for a late checkout at 2pm and went out for a morning with a local friend from high school. He had one of those magical contraptions that we’d spent the whole weekend without – a CAR!

Off we went for coffee and a stroll through Georgetown. First thing I noticed besides the lovely boutique-y shops (he confirmed that you did NOT bargain hunt there!) was that it was SO CLEARLY a college town. I walked past two telltale splatters of excessive drinking just outside a pub (if you know what I mean ;-)) Since Monday was a federal and most likely a school holiday (Columbus Day), Sunday night must have been wild!

We made our way to the shores of the Potomac where I laid my eyes on yet another infamous part of DC:

The Watergate Hotel
The Watergate Hotel

A note on my previously loaded pictures – I am sorry, but as I’ve stated before I HATE THE WORDPRESS PICTURE UPLOADER!!! I *thought* if you clicked on the loaded pictures that you got a larger version. You *used* to at any rate, or maybe I was imagining things, but apparently that is no longer true. My parents have been complaining about the quality of the photos if they go to print them and they are right – even really good quality pics are being shrunk and messed up in there. SO SORRY!. So yesterday I threw them all up on Flickr – click on the Flickr sidebar to see all of the DC photos full sized. I’ll have to start loading them in a larger version here and being more diligent about sending them to my Flickr account for those like my mom who want to print some out.

Francis Scott Key bridge (aka The Key) crossing over the Potomac into Virginia.
Francis Scott Key bridge (aka The Key) crossing over the Potomac into Virginia.

And the final picture from my trip, the canal which was originally created when the city was being built since everything had to be transported over water back then:


We walked on that trail along the canal and it was such a lovely, peaceful stroll. Yet all I could think of was: “No railing + narrow path + drunk college kids = how many splashdowns into the canal per night?!”

Anyhow, we then hopped into the car and I was provided (as he called it) the Nickel tour of DC. It was perfect really as it allowed me to connect the dots and really understand the ground we had covered by foot and metro all weekend. And just for fun, here’s a picture of my Monday tour guide, not from that day, but from about a month prior when he was in San Diego visiting his parents and we got together for a beer:

GK raising a pint at Oggis
GK raising a pint at Oggis

It kills me how many of the guys from high school have lost their hair!

Thus endeth the DC tour.

Back to our regularly scheduled cat/football/boring daily drivel blogging tomorrow 🙂

6 thoughts on “Washington DC – Wrap up

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  1. sounds like you had a great weekend. I did the tourist thing in DC for 4 days lst August, and I took my younger daughter to DC the same weekend you were there so she could check out colleges….it’s a great city, isn’t it?


  2. dude. I’m LOSING my hair. haven’t LOST it yet.

    anyway – glad to see you – although will have to invest in some rogaine for the next time.



  3. Next time you stand on some steps with a bunch of friends like that, you should all put your hands up in the air and make it look like you’re on a roller coaster.
    That’s what I thought the photo was when I first glanced at it, and it cracked me up.

    Looks like the trip was a great success. I almost felt as if i were there. Enjoyed the photos!


  4. Oh wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen the group photo! Makes me wish I were there in a big way. Thanks for the day-by-day accounts of the trip. Good memories for all involved!


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