Honest Scrap


The lovely Amuirin bestowed this award upon me some time ago. I don’t really know how long ago since this post will be written over time.  Here’s why:

“When you get the Honest Scrap award, you are meant to grace your readers with 10 honest things about yourself, and then pass on the award to other blog friends who write honestly and truly about themselves and events in their life.”

See, the problem is that I AM honest. All the time. So to come up with 10 things which I have not already posted here is quite the challenge. So I am going to have to make notes as I go about my days and think of things and come back here to update until I get to 10  – either that or I bore long time readers with crap they already know 🙂

  1. As a child, my mother often called me crabby and equated me with Lucy from Peanuts. In my own mind, I’m much more like Charlie Brown – wishy washy. Which, I know, does not match my very opinionated self that I project! But it takes me a long time to get to those strong opinions really.
  2. For instance,  I can love/hate being around people with an equal passion. It’s nothing personal. Certainly on my less social days people who already annoy me anyway will loom as larger pests.  Yet even people who I normally look forward to being around lose their glow. There is no trigger. It’s utterly random as to when these anti-social Moody Loner clouds will descend. But because of those days I do not view myself as a true “people” person. And since I am not a Moody Loner all the time I don’t view myself that way either. Wishy-washy!
  3. I hate to be the one who has to choose where to eat or what to do for other people. Pick a place and I’ll go along, but I really rarely have strong opinions about it and I don’t want to be put on the spot. One could go into all sorts of deep reasons why -don’t want to disappoint people or be criticized for my choices maybe?- no, I happen to think it’s just that I am LAZY and cannot make a decision! Ya see? Wishy washy! (actually, there’s a lot of underlying laziness going on here)
  4. I’m blessed/cursed with the ability to see both sides of just about ANY argument. It’s why I called myself pragmatic on my political site. The hard part then, is choosing a side. I can flip flop with the best of them and I freely admit it. But it’s also why I cannot abide by extremists. People who take a hard line stance with no respect for or desire to understand what drives the other side. If I can predict exactly how you will react to a particular event based on what I have found to be your pre-existing biases/brain washings? Buh bye.
  5. I hate coconut.
  6. I love potatoes. (thought I’d throw in a few absolutes there :-))
  7. I have a very juvenile sense of humor. The idea of someone farting loud enough to startle and wake up a cat as was reported over twitter a few weeks ago  sends me into fits of giggles. Probably for the best since I have boys 🙂
  8. In that vein, something we discussed in DC – I will involuntarily react to someone falling by laughing. Once my older son did a complete flip around a metal bar he had not seen outside a grocery store and my first reaction was a loud guffaw, then “oh god, are you ok?!” then more guffaws. My own kid! Yes, he was fine & laughing himself, but still…Given 7 & 8, shows like America’s Funniest Home videos were created for me!
  9. I really don’t like fans of sports teams or politics or..anything..whose idea of being a fan is to trash the other team and make the other fans feel BAD. The fan who loves to “dig” at anyone else about results. The fan who gloats and trash talks. You can cheer without jeering, ya know? 🙂
  10. I *honestly* cannot think of anything else without sort of cheating like I did with 5 & 6 so there. I clearly need to be more mysterious about myself so that when these topics pop up I can actually BE revealing something!!

As for passing it on, well, in order to elicit some actual blog posts from these fine ladies who have grown rather silent over this past year I shall give this award to ALL the August Moms on my blog roll. C’mon now – some of you need to dust off that keyboard and get posting!!

5 thoughts on “Honest Scrap

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  1. I can flip flop too, and don’t understand people who can’t/don’t/won’t. I caught a brief segment of The View (ugh) one day and Elizabeth (ugh) was asked if anyone or any argument on the show had ever changed her mind about anything and she proudly said, “Never.”

    She must not air out her mind much.


  2. I thought this was fascinating, especially #1,2- so easy to draw conclusions about how confident or opinionated someone is from the things they write on here, but it sounds like your viewpoints come out so strong specifically *because* you start from a place of maybe not being so certain.

    I did know though, that you come across honest and straightforward. In a way this meme reinforces what already is. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it.

    And we’re so similar about #3.


  3. I know what you mean about it being hard to do this when you’re always honest to begin with. That was my problem.

    And that’s not where the similarities between us end. I think I can identify with more than half of your 10 truths (except that I love coconut)!


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