Timing is everything

First off, if you have not already, please go to this link and drop a donation in to the Haitian relief bucket please?

Since I am in many ways often TOO plugged into what is happening all the time everywhere, I’ve been very tuned in to the disaster in Haiti. It was so long ago that I hardly remember it, but back during our cruising years when I was a teenager, we did a route in the Caribbean that took us to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This was in the late 70s before Haiti really fell into political & economic despair so it was still a regular stop for many cruise lines. Such a tragedy to have a natural disaster this destructive hit a place that was already so poor & desperate.

Meanwhile…back at home…with the Breaking News images rattling around in my head which naturally brings back floods of memories of the last two times I sat in front of a TV watching natural disasters unfold (Katrina & the Asian Tsunami) – did it just figure that this week would be the first time I would notice these signs put up along my route back and forth to work?


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  1. I think it’s wise to be prepared, thus the evacuation signs. If we’ve learned anything it’s that these things happen in a nanosecond and they come with no warning. Yes, good that your local disaster people are on guard!


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