Anybody want a teenager?

Yep, that’s a teenager. Fully cooperative in every way.

“Anybody want a teenager?” was my never ending refrain particularly during the last few of older son’s teen years.

HAH, right? Well, in some ways, this second round of teenage is going about as expected:

  1. No Pictures Please! (check)
  2. Taking laziness to new levels (check)
  3. Moaning and groaning about having to make *any* physical efforts for literally ANYTHING (check)
  4. Knows everything about everything and tells you about all of it. Every day. Everywhere. Loudly. (check)
  5. Complains about being bored, but would rather sit at home watching tv than go with you anywhere (check)

Side note: I realize that some parents have the exact opposite of #4 going on at their houses with sullen silence & eye rolls vs the motor mouth issue & that they consider me lucky that my boys communicate. I get that. But I’ve only known the yammer-fest since older son was/is/always has been a yapper. Silence every now & then…would truly be golden.

Just when you are ready to push them off that ledge though, they pull a little magic out of their hats.

Like *not* moaning and whining when you point out that they need to go to Sat school & catch up on past due work in History before the semester ends. Sitting down for an hour every night to get started on that work. Not complaining (too much anyway) about getting up early on Saturday and going to school. Coming home after and willingly helping you take down all the outdoor decorations. To the point where you don’t ever have to touch the ladder because he takes it all down AND puts the lights away in their boxes. Time to get it all done? Just 90 mins and that includes totally organizing the garage after wards so that you can open the car doors completely on BOTH sides! And he *still* loves it when you read to him at night and even agrees to switching OFF the TV early one night so that you can finish the current book because he really wants to start the next two which he picked out. On top of all that, when you tell him Sunday night that you need to go to bed early because you have a headache, he actually remembers to ask you on Monday morning if you feel better.

Anybody want a teenager? Well, sorry, because I’m keeping this one around. For now 🙂

8 thoughts on “Anybody want a teenager?

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  1. Cute!

    And intimations of my future… Miles is yappy as well, so I have a feeling the teen years will not be sullen and quiet! We feel fortunate that he’s still enthusiastic about everything at this point, but he’s starting to get hairy legs and even a zit. It’s sneaking up on us….

    Then there’s Eli, who will be more likely to be the one who has to do make up work, and, the boy my husband likes to say is only happy when he’s unhappy. On the bright side, perhaps that lack of satisfaction will be a powerful motivator as an adult.


  2. Looks like every picture I’ve ever tried to take of my 16 year old lately.

    Funny, though… his Facebook and his friends’ Facebooks are full of pictures of him. Hmm…

    #4 is a huge problem around here. What’s really interesting is that even when he is proven wrong, he still insists he’s right.


  3. Sounds very like our house… particularly the “bored but not wanting to leave the couch part.”

    But as long as Laura’s parting phrase whenever she or I leave the house is “Love You!” it’s hard to get too fed up!


  4. Awww, that’s just lovely. I must say it was such a pleasure to meet both of your kiddos, however briefly. And to spend the time hiking with you and your teenager… we had a blast! He is a good egg. 🙂


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