We might need a bigger boat, but not a leaf blower!

In an unusual display of weather in San Diego this week, we’ve now had 4 days of often intense rain coupled with REALLY intense wind. There were even tornado warnings a couple of days ago along the coast from Long Beach down to the Tijuana border.

Every time I have to drive in it, I am thankful for the new tires I got last week and the new wipers I got last month. I also watch around me for falling branches and trees and flooding streets and mudslides. Yep, I’ve seen all of those between home and work. This morning particularly since it’s been raining quite steadily since about 5pm yesterday so I knew the ground saturation would be at it’s peak. My mind keeps getting that line from Jaws running through my head as I pass one mudslide or flooded area after another “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

Then, in the middle of a nearly horizontal downpour this morning I see a guy like this (only picture it gray & raining into his ears):


2 thoughts on “We might need a bigger boat, but not a leaf blower!

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  1. It’s absolutely pouring over here as I type this. I think this has been the rainiest week I can remember since I moved to California.
    And I totally don’t mind it at all. Anything that gets us a bit away from drought conditions is welcome to me.


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