Music Again!

In the middle of everything last weekend, I had a passing notion that someone had tweeted that Adam Lambert was doing a concert in Palm Springs at the end of February. Saturday morning after my workout I sat down at the computer to check that out. Found the link. Checked out prices. Hmm..not bad. It’s a 2.5 hour drive, but I can do that! Sat night, Feb 27th. Check calendar – SportsBoy is with his dad that weekend. Excellent (he wouldn’t want to go anyway, but I needed it to be *cheap*).  Check my bank account, yep, that’s my tax refund hitting the night before. I can do this! Just as I start clicking in to purchase a ticket, I get a text from my Adam-loving buddy from the American Idol concert “Hey, I’m going to see Adam on 2/27. Wanna go?” Talk about planets aligning!! So now I have a banzai run driving buddy for the event, two more friends are going out early Saturday & having dinner. Just found out today that a couple of other (very nice, normal) people I’ve met on one of the fan sites are flying out too and will be part of the pre-concert fun. Fantastic!

No sharing the stage with anyone else. Just a concert in an intimate (less than 4000 seats) venue by Adam for his fans. Hello – a ray of musical sunshine breaking through the clouds of January mourning.  Seems like he was a pretty big ray of sunshine last year too eh?

I hear there’s another season of that show again…you know the one that is keeping Glee off my tv…what’s it called again? Oh yeah Faux American Idol – because there IS no American Idol after Adam 🙂

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  1. I’m glad you get to go! How fun. It’s so much more fun when you can go with friends and meet up with others. Yeah, 2.5 hours is nothing. Well worth it. Have a super time!


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