Book 9 of 52 – Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded (New Orleans #1) Hot Blooded by Lisa Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Classic romantic thriller set in New Orleans. Fast paced, but well fleshed out with interesting characters. Introduces two detectives who will be featured in another story. Other than a few moments of frustration at the female main characters’ obvious lack of regard for herself, it was very enjoyable. Certainly was not able to predict ahead who the murderer was as clearly as can be done in some of these types of stories. I’ll certainly seek out more of her books in the future.

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Short review today since I had to type it out on my iPhone! Power outage at 7am – on my day off!! It was just restored at 2pm so I can get to the chores I needed to do. Grumble.

Obviously I am no longer doing the fiction/non fiction alternating pattern since I now have almost entire fiction books to read! I’m just grabbing the next one on the pile!

I listed all my hardback books I want to get rid of on Ebay/ yesterday. I’ll still give those away to anyone who wants them, but thought I’d sell the ones in nicer condition and then continue to donate the rest around town. As always, if anyone wants to call dibs in here on a book first – please do! I’d love to pass them on to someone I know.

Off to the grocery – the birds are pissed because their feeder is empty 😉

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