Book 10 of 52

Dead Sleep Dead Sleep by Greg Iles

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Two mystery/romance/thrillers in a row set in New Orleans! A completely random turn of events since I am just picking these books off the top of the pile.

The mystery behind this was really interesting. Our heroine sees a painting of her missing twin sister in an art gallery in China. The painting is part of a series of portraits by an unknown painter all depicting women nude and sleeping…or perhaps, dead. Very well done plot with fun twists and really interesting characters who I enjoyed following. Given my recent addiction to the TV show Criminal Minds, I also loved that she ends up embedded with the FBI Criminal Minds unit. They even referred to the the suspected killer/painter as the UNSUB.

The ending had a final twist which actually managed to surprise me and because I had become so attached to the main character, it left me in tears. I will most happily read more from Greg Iles!

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3 thoughts on “Book 10 of 52

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  1. I’m going to add this and your last one to my reading list. Now that I’ve been to New Orleans, it’s fun to read books that take place there. Plus both books just sound interesting.

    You’re really plowing through those piles of books!


  2. Sounds good.

    When you get to the Patterson books, it might help if you read them in order. You can check online for the order they go in (the Alex Cross ones on your list).


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