Just how late does late start need to be?

(it’s going to be quiet in here for a few days as I’ve committed to writing up a couple of diaries on DailyKos over the next week which sort of has me freaking out but which will certainly drain any writing time – will post links here though when they are done)

This morning the teenager was blessed with his Most Favorite of School Days – Late Start Day. Typically it’s one Monday a month when school does not start until 9:30 (they do this in lieu of having teacher in-service days). Today though, it was for 8th graders only because the 7th graders were taking a writing exam so he didn’t have to be there until 10:00am!! Wowza! So rather than him being up and eating breakfast with me as I get ready for work, he got to sleep in and I didn’t see him this morning. I did holler out a “goodbye!” to provide him with his first alarm of the morning, but I figured he has his own clock set at 8:30 or 9:00am.

Still, around 9:40 there was a nagging voice in my head telling me to call him.

So I did.

And I woke up him up.


3 thoughts on “Just how late does late start need to be?

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  1. We have two alarm clocks in Keenan’s room. One next to his bed and one across the room that requires him to get out of bed to turn it off. Seriously. We do.


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