QOTD, favorite posts from the week & a prompt

Question of the Day: (Yes, repeating this from Twitter) – I took the kitchen trash out on my way out the door today. What are the chances that either of the boys replaces it with a new bag before throwing something in there? Yes, I left the lid off on the floor next to the now empty trash can. What would happen at your house?

New Feature – Favorite reads from this week:

  1. Seriously, the funniest, most creative kids ever are featured in this post. First off, the use of Legos to create a Day In The Life right down to the detail of a miniature drawn in Spongebob on the “tv” just floored me. Then, there’s the video. Please enjoy!
  2. Then there is this one which I consider as a really interesting writing prompt for all of us. It is such an exquisitely presented piece that I cannot begin to consider matching it, BUT, I love the idea. What is your personal landscape? I’m going to try and come up with something myself this week.

Speaking of this week, I’ll be having my own personal Spring Break from work! Yay! No alarm. No schedule. Well, at least, no going to work on the schedule. I should plow through some books and play in the yard among a few other much needed chores.

2 thoughts on “QOTD, favorite posts from the week & a prompt

Add yours

  1. still laughing at that link to Charlie’s house :-). I will have to think about my personal landscape. Interesting. I can’t wait to read what you come up with.

    Enjoy your spring break!


  2. What a great writing prompt and blog post. I have an answer but one that will require some thought to put it together.

    Enjoy your break. 🙂


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