Wait – people in my city have blogs? Not just me?

Has it come down to this? I blog, therefore I am?

OK, maybe not quite that bad, but, hey – did you know there are people around you every day who probably do blog? You know how I know? Because my blogging world circle of friends keeps getting tighter & more intertwined. Exhibit A:

If you don’t know me – that’s me on your left, next to the guy on the end who is actually not a blogger. He’s a videographer & was there to grab the shenanigans on record. Next to me is Jenn, who I actually have met before. Jenn is the first local blogger I added to my Reader sometime in 2008. We met on a whim last summer to go see a performance by the guys that put together Found Magazine. We had a really nice time together and she has graciously continued to include me with invitations when something is happening locally with other bloggers. She also writes at The Women’s Colony which I recently discovered & now *that* is one of my favorite spots. Sometime while going through Jenn’s archives, I stumbled on a link to Bossy & read about her very first driving tour & gatherings with bloggers in various cities. What an awesome adventure! So this year she embarked on another tour. The No Book Tour. Bossy is famous for a few things including shoe pics:

(those are my ugly, but sensible black shoes. I had totally spaced on the traditional shoe shot & pretty much went straight from work up to Jenn’s so…eh!)

The classic Bossy group self-portrait:

Yes, that’s Bossy closest to the camera, but get that she is not really *that* close would ya? She has some amazingly long arms and apparently a light as air camera.

Ok, so on with the intertwining of worlds. In the above pic (Hey, I am between video-Scott & Jenn again!)..to Jenn’s left is the top half of  the face of  Debbie who, I found out last night, knows Stefanie who I know because our boys played football together this past season making her the second local blogger I had officially met in real life & then started following. Thanks to last night of course, I now know a few more 🙂 Jacquie, Matthew, Kelly, Melanie and Katy. We were also joined by lurker Jenn who is a friend of Katy’s & who has been lurker on Bossy’s site for ages apparently.  All truly wonderful, funny, warm people to talk to.  Not only do we have the blogging thing in common, but some of us tweet too. Some of us tweet a LOT. In fact, while we were there, Melanie had her laptop out and realized she was approaching her 10,000th tweet so all got to witness that momentous occasion.  (In contrast, I am only at the 9,100 tweet level but I joined a good 1-2 years before most of them so I clearly need to pick up the pace!)

The highlight of the night was when Bossy gathered us all to give a little ‘speech’ for the video. First we did the really boring basics like who we are, our blog site blah blah, but then we started tossing around the idea of a prompt to get us to reveal something deeper about ourselves and Jacquie came up with something she uses on her site from time to time: Your Happy & Crappy – defined as the one high & low in the last 24 hours. I may need to steal that one from time to time because I loved it! The answers were wonderful and pretty much covered every base you can imagine. Yes, even That One because one person’s Happy was a little “afternoon delight!” It took me a minute but I know for sure what I came up with pretty much encapsulates me pretty well (when the boys are not around at any rate):

Happy – Monday night watching the Padres game and they win on a game winning home run in the 10th inning and I was chatting the whole time with 3 of my most favorite Padres Fan Girlfriends on twitter. We had a blast.

Crappy – 3am Tuesday morning when Amber woke me up with her imitation of  the Excorsist & after the horrible sounds were over I just knew I was going to have to clean up her body weight in barf so I pealed myself out of bed to find the results and…nothing!! Which you think would be not so crappy…but at that point I was so fully awake that I then tossed and turned for about 90 mins before falling back to sleep which did not help my level of Crank for the week if you know what I mean! Stoopid cats.

But wait…there’s more circle crossing…today I found out that back during Bossy’s original tour, when she stopped in LA she met my friend Shayera. Who I think of as part of my DailyKos circle of friends since I met her there & then see her every year at the Netroots Nation gathering (and last year I went to Disneyland with her on her birthday). I would never have linked them together!

Speaking of Disneyland..all together now: “It’s a Small World After All!”

I know I know! Evil ear worm. Sorry 🙂

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