My own private landscape: was there ever any doubt?

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I set out on my workout hike this weekend with the Private Landscape post in mind. I really gave this a lot of thought and didn’t want to seem so obvious in my choice.

But here’s the thing – I don’t have a terribly fertile imagination. Even my dreams rarely go anywhere too detached from reality. Once I was solidly in touch with myself as an adult, I was pretty much settled right where I am now. Even though I’ve traveled a fair number of places and been lucky enough at some points to spend a pretty good chunk of time elsewhere, I never felt that there was anyplace other than here that was home. I know, I’m very lucky. I have no longing to be anywhere else. What feeds my soul are two distinct smells: ocean & pine & sagebrush. The sounds I need are the sounds of crashing waves and the wind whistling amongst pine needles. I need to see a landscape of varying heights & textures & colors.

Yes, I just described the Torrey Pines Reserve.

Ideally I will someday have a house closer to all of that. Which is quibbling really since I am less than 3 miles away from the trails. Maybe a little shack/cottage on the west side, perhaps on the south side of the Del Mar ridge within the loosely defined Artists Colony on one of the streets that starts with a “Via”.

As trite as it may sound, my own private landscape is right here in my back yard 🙂

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