Nothing to see here

Ok, maybe this wave scene from a couple of weeks ago is kinda cool to look at. Notice the faint red stripe up near the horizon? There was some mild red tide action going on that week offshore.

The kind of frantic final two weeks of school + it being the first of what will be 3-4 intense months at work thanks to fiscal year end means little moments for inspiration or posting. We have a freshman football spring game and bbq tonight, doctors appt. tomorrow & next week there is something just about every night leading up to last day of school on Friday. His flights to Sweden have been booked. June 25-Aug 5. Six full weeks.

PSA – if you are a wanna be Gleek – Glee is airing every Thursday night at 8pm so you can catch up. Or watch them again (guilty!). I now have four full CD’s out of the 6 in my CD changer in my car that are Glee. What? Is that bad?

(Don’t ask who’s in the other two, because you already know that answer)

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