A first! A book so bad I gave up.

The InformersThe Informers by Bret Easton Ellis

My rating: 1 of 5 stars


Well, this is it. The first book so bad and uninteresting that I actually put it down before I finished it. Oddly enough, I got almost 2/3 through it! But last night I was just DONE. Started skimming so much and then downright paging through to other chapters, then to the end, then said “enough!”

It start off THAT bad which is why I got so far in. But the supposedly connected series of short stories were just too damn confusing. I sent most of each chapter trying to remember how each person was connected to previous stories and then I realized it just should not be that hard. Every story was told in the first person & it seemed like it took until 2-3 pages in to figure out who it was talking. I realize this was supposed to BE highlighting the uglier side of the bored wealthy families in LA in the 80s, but still – the dialogue was too shallow even for that. There was not one single character (if I could figure out who they were) who was interesting or compelling or someone I wanted to learn more about. Pffffffffffffft!

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Yes, I am still counting it since I did spend two nights reading it and did get 2/3 through.  Really though, given my slightly more than one book per week pace, that it took into July to hit a stinker like this is pretty good 🙂

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