All is love!

Yes, I am posting something political on my main site – though that’s because, to me, this should NOT BE political!

Prop 8 Struck Down – The Decision – a long, but very well fleshed out summary of the legal aspects of the decision handed down yesterday which caused oh so much celebration amongst all my friends yesterday afternoon. Of course my favorite reaction on twitter came from the glittery alien voodoo king:

Equal rights are very Glam!

I love that part ๐Ÿ™‚

Keith Olbermann also reprised my favorite commentary on Prop 8 last night which was first aired on Nov 10, 2008. Also coming at it from the angle of celebrating LOVE vs anything else. Lord knows I felt a whole lotta love yesterday as we all cheered this decision. Even though we know it is not over – it was still a huge step and worthy of celebration.

Meanwhile – a concert pic from last week that I forgot to post – from the second Costa Mesa stop which was all the more fun for me because I got to share it my favorite concert partner:

Music Man, Me, & Padres/Adam friend David

I love how many of my internet friends – who I initially connected with for one specific shared interest – have now started to spill over into other areas ๐Ÿ™‚

And now I must simply get through this day somehow until the 10:45pm mark or thereabouts depending on airline travel issues. Sports Boy is ON HIS WAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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