Maybe they DO listen & learn?

Background: A few months ago SB was invited up to Knott’s Berry Farm with his friend. SB’s dad sent him along with $100 for his entry fee and some food and asked for the change at the end. The friend’s parents ended up very generously paying for everything. SB devilishly decided his dad didn’t need to know that and promptly gave him just $40 and pocketed the other $60. I  found out about this and had him confess to his dad and work out a way to work off the money he owed back.  I explained to him that he was going to blow our trust in him with money mighty early on if he didn’t clear things up with his dad. I reminded him that he was only 13 and was going to have to rely on us for money, or a means to get TO a job, for several more years & it wasn’t too wise to torpedo that.

I am never sure with him if he is ‘getting’ the lesson or just dealing with the issue at the moment to get it over with!

Yesterday I overheard this phone conversation with the same friend as the two of them plan a trip up to Magic Mountain for SB’s birthday. SB’s dad agreed to take SB & one or two friends up this year. I have no idea if SB’s dad was planning on paying for everyone though I thought that, especially in the case of this friend who took him to KBF, that he should. But I digress…’s the conversation as I heard it from SB’s end:

“Hey ND! We’ll pick you up tonight at 5 and then you can sleepover so we can leave early tomorrow to drive up since the park opens at 10:30.”

“My mom & I looked it up & we can get tickets ahead online for $35 instead of paying $60 at the gate so I think we will do that.”

“I’m not sure. Better bring your money just in case, but be sure to give your parents back all the change if you want them to keep trusting you with money!”


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