#36 Journey Into Darkness

Journey Into DarknessJourney Into Darkness by John E. Douglas

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Being a devoted viewer or shows like CSI & Criminal Minds I thought this book would be interesting since it’s written by one of the original Criminal Mind profilers for the FBI. Of course it was more hard to follow these crimes since you know from the start they are real cases. I did question whether I should let myself into that mind set or not. I did like how the author would go back & retrace where perhaps earlier efforts form law enforcement may have missed clues or signs on these criminals. He did write the stories always with a perspective of “What could everyone have done to prevent this?” which gave off an odd aura of hope that these horrible events at least had some future value to society as warnings all around. However, at the end he got much too heavy handed with his political opinions and I started to zone out as it felt too much as if he was preaching and obviously spinning one particular case to support his opinion. It’s not that I necessarily have some deep disagreement with his stance at all – I just didn’t like his tone.

I actually think my favorite part was the last chapter when he looked at the OJ Simpson case and retraced it as if HE had been called in to to profile the killer. It was not a surprising revelation, but I appreciated the profiler viewpoint on a case that like which gave it a more detached way of coming to the same conclusion everyone *except* those twelve jurors came to: OJ did it.

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