And away we go!

Alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic....err....well...
Ah, that's better!

I had to drop him off at 7am.

Let me say that again – I had to drop him off at 7am!! Something about having to pick up their full schedules with teachers names & rooms and such…why would they need that? 😉

And – thanks to football – he was still ON the campus at 6pm! Classes end at 2:35 and practice starts at 3 and is supposed to run until 5:30, but they had a “motivational speaker” come in tonight so he was not done until 6:15. He has to pack enough food to keep him going all that time. Then he gets home, showers, eats again and has to get right at the homework. And yes, there was homework even tonight thanks to a Biology teacher who he is calling “The Crazy Lady” In a twist of fate, his brother agrees – because he had her for the same class in his freshman year 11 years ago!! Thankfully he was done by 8pm, but we both know that was a rarity. I’m sure most other nights it will go well into bedtime for him.

Such is the life of the freshman football player.

And I know as soon as I relax and blink he’ll be a senior.

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