I think I melted

Can someone explain to me why I was so unprepared for the heat in Menifee yesterday? Even though it said temps would be in the triple digits? Even though they moved our original 5pm start time to 3:30? (which helped in terms of less traffic getting out there, but meant it was at a hotter part of the day). Why did I let The Boy convince me to wear his *black* high school spirit t-shirt? Why didn’t I apply that extra layer of sun screen on my face?

The stands on the visitors side had NO shade of course. NONE. My mom found a spot at the end of the stadium near the food court with a tree providing shade. It meant being unable to see one end of the field very well, but it was, at least, comfortable. I decided to tough it out on the metal seats in the stands. Even with an umbrella it was an oven. The sun reflected off those metal seats at double heat levels. Six minutes before halftime my face was beet red & my heart was racing.

Thankfully the team made it so that I could move to the shade with my mom without care. They dominated from the opening play. The defense swarmed and made tackles and the offense scored on 4 straight possessions all on running plays. The Boy played the first half rotating with one other wide receiver but all they did was block for the runners. Which they did very well obviously! Up 35 or 42 to 6 at the half and his day was largely done. Final score was 56-13. It was ugly, but a good way to build confidence for sure.

For some reason though, I got no heat complaint related sympathy from The Boy. Something about being on the field wearing ridiculous amounts of heavy equipment & layers of clothes and running around and HE didn’t want to hear ME whine.

Payback is a bitch my dear 🙂

Stand Up for the Kickoff! Gotta hand it to those cheerleaders for hanging in there through the heat too!
When not on the field, the boys were huddled around the water buckets.
Checking to see if we are still there. Barely kiddo, just barely!

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