Old school family photos

September 1982

Watch out folks! I’ve got this scanning thing down and my parents brought me some old photos. Wait, why am I telling you guys to watch out? It’s ME who is going to be mortified at the fashions and hair styles!! This one isn’t too bad actually. I’m 17 here. My mom is behind me, my dad to my left and his only brother, Jim is behind him. Yes, I know, it looks like Jim is my mom’s brother doesn’t it? Dad and Jim’s parents were total physical opposites just as my own parents are. As you’ll see below, my dad took after his dad. Jim took after their mother. Would have been interesting if my parents had more than one child to see if there had been a similar split with the genes again. I know that darker characteristics are supposed to be dominant, but, um…have you seen my boys???

June 83 Dad & Grandpa

Gotta love the cigarette between the fingers there. Grandpa was a character & a half. Smoked, drank and lived to close to the century mark. An old New Orleans judge. Can’t you just hear his gravelly voice?

June 83 Brooks clan

Ah, there’s the first shot of wtf? hair! You’ll notice that twenty years later I wised up and went back to the 1982 version of my hair – all one length thank gawd. That wavy frizzy mess in layers was a disaster and took forever just to get to look like that mess up there!! But, it was the 80s eh? Big hair. Check.

The occasion was my high school graduation hence the ultra dorky ribbon necklace. Grandpa and then wife Lea came out from Louisiana for the party. Dad and Jim’s mom passed away well before I was born so I never met her. Lea owned a very well known Pralines shop in the French Quarter  of New Orleans. Looking at this I just realized how short grandpa was! Where did Uncle Jim get that height eh? Must be from their mom’s side.

Yes, I am having issues with setting the photos in the scanner straight. So? Crooked ads character!

Let’s not even discuss the brick and wood on the walls OK? Or, if you look closely at the second one, the dark brown shag carpet. Oh, and the college dorm era white floor stand light! I really do have to wonder if there will ever be a fashion and decor era like the 70s and 80s that will look SO dated and SO ridiculous and be SO easy to pinpoint? I mean, will dramatically colored walls, wood/laminate floors & granite counter tops be considered SO turn of the century 2000’s in thirty years?


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  1. I like the way you scanned them for precisely the reason you mentioned. It adds character.

    You are a gutsy lady. I’m not sure I want anyone to see photos of me from the 80s. I went all frizzy and permed, trying to get big hair. I looked like a poodle or worse. lol!

    Good question about the 70s and 80s looks/fads. The weird thing is how younger generations embrace stuff from thirty or so years ago. The 70s and 80s became pretty popular again (without the hair, I noticed…lol!) for a while, just as I thought things from the 40s and 50s were cool when I was a teen in the 70s.


  2. Heehee… Photoshop Elements has an automatic straightening tool.

    I guess that’s one of the few good things about being a guy, we don’t have to change our hair. My hair pretty much does what it has done for decades, just a little grayer is all.

    OK, a LOT grayer. 😛


  3. All that’s missing from this photo gallery ….. is a music track (featuring the likes of Huey Lewis, Journey, Rick James, John Waite and the like).


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