Freshman game catch up 10/21

As hoped, the team built on the previous week’s victory and continued their improved play on offense. Defense and special teams though – kind of shaky. During the first half the Falcons got up early 14-0 and I was sure they were just going to roll all over their opponents. Then they got sloppy – kickoffs were returned for big yards and there was an interception returned for a touchdown and suddenly they were tied 14-14.

#88 had not been able to work out for the trainer all week due to some non-stop rain. Thankfully it did not rain during the game, but the bummer was that he was not cleared to play and his grandpa was in town from Sweden 😦 Ah well. I had fun visiting with him once he arrived in the stands. We explained the rules of the game as much as possible and he was thrilled that we had found seats in front of the cheerleaders 🙂 I also noticed #88 moving around still quite gingerly on the sidelines so clearly even if the weather had cooperated, he still should not have played.

Meanwhile, on the field the Falcons stepped it up. They never wavered offensively and they tightened up on defense with #5 adding in yet another interception run back for a touchdown. By the 4th quarter they were ahead by more than 3 scores and even though their opponents made a little run at the end, it was never close.

Final score 42-27 with the Falcons finally up over .500 with a 4-3 record.

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