Where did all the kids go?

Look at that large bowl of leftover candy! That’s just half! I already took a pile that big into work. This bowl will go there next week despite the protests of the various men/boys who pass through the house on a given day. I can’t have this at my fingertips! I’m writing this from the freshman game with a ziploc bag of candy on hand as a snack to tide me over to dinner. Pathetic!! Resistance is futile. Two years ago I ran out of candy! I guess since the economy has stalled and no one is moving, the kids in the area all outgrew the annual candy begging ritual.

2 thoughts on “Where did all the kids go?

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  1. Ooh, a new design for your blog. Very minimalist but uncharacteristically red for a “blue” kind of girl like you. We have far too much candy left here, too. I heard the Red Cross will accept it and use it to stuff Christmas stockings.


    1. The red was the closest fall color I could find and also matches with the high school colors 🙂 I think this theme allows for color changes though I have not played with that yet. I do like the clean look.


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