Funniest website ever – guaranteed

Now, you do have to be willing to deal with lots of curse words & (unintentional) sexual innuendo BUT…Oh Mah Gawd…if you don’t cry laughing there is seriously something wrong 🙂 Even if you are in the worst possible mood I know you will love this site. Just read a page and you will be smiling. Here’s a screen shot of just one sample:


Damn You Auto Correct

Yes, it’s often crude, but last night SportsBoy and I spent almost an hour solid reading page after page and laughing so hard we were crying and had to take breathing breaks. Now how many times does a mom get to spend an hour like that with her 14 year old?

Oh, and read the fine print below the screen shots  – sometimes the explanations of who was talking and further context makes the auto correct slip up EVEN funnier.

2 thoughts on “Funniest website ever – guaranteed

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    1. Oh, man…!!! That’s another aspect of some of the screen shots that makes you laugh – when you see WHO they are talking to…if it’s mom or dad there is an extra layer of discomfort 🙂


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