Yes, it does rain here occasionally

Today is my first day of winter break – my company generously closes from today through 1/3 – so I am catching up on, well, everything! Two days to get ready for Christmas – no problemo right?! Meanwhile the last 5 days were dominated here in So Cal by an enormous (for us) amount of water falling from the sky. The ground here is just not designed for absorbing  up to 20 inches of rain over that time span! Luckily, in my area it was “only” 5 inches but even that fills up every creek bed, river, lagoon or low lying area pretty darn fast. I grabbed my camera for the drive in to work yesterday to record the coastal impact. I was lucky – roads leading in to work are in excellent shape and far enough away from any overflowing water sources.

A little standing water in the backyard. Not TOO bad. I've seen the whole yard under 1/2 and inch before
Penasquitos lagoon along Carmel Valley rd. Rarely this much water on the east end
Water goes right up to the base of the train tracks. Train service was flooded out, but not here.
Looking south from Torrey Pines Rd at the stormy skies
Muddy waves
Now viewing the lagoon from the west end - looking back at CV Rd. Again, rarely looking this full

On the way home at the end of the day - a post storm sunset splashed cloud


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