Shrimp with tomatoes and spinach – low fat – really!!

Let’s see just how lazy I can be in posting this recipe that I tried over the winter break:

Oh yes! We do have a scanner and Snag It for a reason don’t we? Also, a crappy iPhone camera when we realize at the last minute that this is a recipe worth sharing which makes a kind of pretty dish on the plate as well:

This was one of the best recipes I tried all year easily. Quick & easy. I used kinda cheap (or, less expensive) frozen shrimp in a bag. I did use fresh/organic tomatoes and spinach leaves. This was scrumptious on the first night and also as leftovers. The recipe came from the latest issue of the O! magazine. It figures I would find something worthwhile after I decided to drop that subscription eh?

I figured since I made your mouths water over cake in the previous post that I should balance it with a pretty darn health and extremely yummy main dish  – enjoy!

Oh, and for the record, the 11 other people in class last night (including SportsBoy) only whined a *little* bit about doing 46 birthday burpees with me. Our trainer kindly spread them out in chunks of 10 with 16 at the end so it didn’t wipe us out entirely. Given that most of the other workout crew is younger than me I reminded them that getting through my birthday right at the beginning of the year means that the rest will all seem like smooth sailing!

And yes, that second half of that bundt cake did taste extra specially amazing after the workout!

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