Best birthday cake EVER

It was tradition as I grew up that my mom would make the
same cake for me every year for my birthday. A truly rich &
dark chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake. Ingredients include
chocolate pudding mix, cake mix, eggs, chocolate chips and sour
cream. No frosting. It was pure chocolate bliss. On my 18th
birthday I returned to my dorm room at Bishops for the last half of
my senior year with a cake in hand. It was one of those years (like
this one), when winter break ended on my birthday. I did share with
my dorm mates, but I also pretty much ate half that cake in one
night. I then promptly had probably the worst headache of my LIFE!!
Seriously, I can STILL feel the pounding in my head 28 years later.
Over the years I made the cake here & there but after
awhile since I am the only one in the house who eats chocolate, it
drifted into the past. Then two years ago, something wonderful
happened. A store opened right up the road called Nothing Bundt
Coworkers stumbled on it and brought those little bundles of
heaven in for birthdays. Their signature flavor? Chocolate
chocolate chip of course! With this melt in your mouth cake
& butter cream cheese frosting. Oh. My. And they come in
these utterly perfectly sized single servings. I keep meaning to go
there and then forgetting. It never occurred to me to get one for
my birthday. But my sweet co worker Tracy went there yesterday at
lunch and brought one back for me. For the first time in years the
old tradition was relived! Only I did learn my lesson & I
did not overindulge. Since my trainer is going to make us all do 46
“birthday burpees” tonight, I thought I’d save half the cake as a
reward for that torture!

Wouldn’t you?


3 thoughts on “Best birthday cake EVER

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  1. my college roommate’s mother used to make that cake….heaven on a plate.

    Happy birthday and I’m glad you rediscovered a tradition.


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