Whistle while you work – NO!

A tweet I sent yesterday:  “Guy sitting next to me here at work just broke into whistling, humming, then singing….O…K..”

While the musical interlude got quiet very soon thereafter, the last 30 minutes has provided a pretty steady stream of whistling. Little, random bursts.

We’ve both got headphones on since I’m listening to the Padres game, and I assume the headphones he is wearing are making him not realize how loud he is (I mean, if I can hear through the baseball chatter….)

Not only is it mildly annoying/distracting, it has also served to drop an ear worm from the song into my pea brain.

Sure, the message in the song is one of enjoying life & being happy. But in a basement full of cubicles doing accounting?

Yeah, not so much with the whistling please!


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