This is why I usually listen to sports talk radio

On the random FM morning radio show (yes, same one with the Push Presents topic):

Female DJ: “So, Kim Kardashian revealed recently that she suffers from psoriasis. Apparently her mom has it too and her doctors revealed that there is a large hereditary component to it”

Male DJ: “Oh wow, that’s so sad! Will she be OK?! Wait, what is psoriasis?”

Female DJ: “Oh yes, it’s very treatable. It’s a skin condition when you get red, splotchy, flaky patches that can be very itchy & annoying & of course, hard to cover up if you are a model or in the public eye which is why it is a big deal to Kim.”

Male DJ: “Red, irritated, itchy patches? I have that on my groin, is that psoriasis?”


“And now, the latest on the NFL negotiations from New York………”

I’m keeping it tuned to AM for awhile!



One thought on “This is why I usually listen to sports talk radio

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  1. You can hear the darndest things on sports talk radio. When I first graduated from law school I went to work for a big law firm. I was a mid 20’s female in a male world. To fit in I spent my morning drive listening to the local sports talk radio, Worked like a charm. I wasn’t always sure what I was talking about, but I could talk their talk by just repeating in my own words what I had heard others say on my morning drive.


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