Too many “I need to remembers”

It started as soon as I got back home from my run:

“I need to remember to water the plants & fill the bird feeder”

I didn’t want to do that at that moment since I needed to shower and eat some breakfast because I was famished. So I tucked that into a corner of my brain and went upstairs to shower.

“I need to remember to charge my phone” Ok, that I could do while I was in the shower so I immediately plugged it in.

Get in the shower and the mental checklist continues:

“I need to remember to put shampoo on my shopping list”

“and shower gel – Ivory with aloe”

“Also paper towels”

“I need to remember to loofah my feet – they have been WELL USED this weekend” (that one I could do immediately)

“I need to remember to get more running socks & sports bras”

“And now I need to remember to add conditioner to the list because I just absent mindedly used it twice while making these mental lists!”

All through the shower, the list of items to buy or tasks to do kept flooding my brain – always prefaced with “I need to remember….”

So how many of those things normally stick? The shower gel? I’ve needed that for two weeks. I’m getting by with a two year old nearly finished Bath & Body works in a scent I don’t like (hence it being 2 years old). Because I only think of it IN the shower where I cannot write on any lists!

Mental notes? Well, again, how many down does it get before those first two get pushed out? 3? 5?

I got lucky today since I happened to take note of what I was doing and that the likeliness of my remembering 1/3 of the list let alone all of it was useless. Unless I made a blog post about it! But I don’t think you want to read my shower musings every day.

So I guess I will keep bumbling along. And hope the plants & birds forgive me when they are the first things I think about and then also the first things that get shoved out of my “I need to remember” list.

At least I remembered the shower gel 🙂

One thought on “Too many “I need to remembers”

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  1. Try putting a “grease pencil” in the shower. I’m pretty sure they will write on the shower surface then wash off after you transfer your list to an actual list.

    I know what you mean, though. I seem to think of things when I’m going to bed or driving. I’ve been known to pull over when I am driving and jot a memo in my memo app on my phone. Of course, I then forget to consult the memo when I’m at the store so… Well, you know!


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