OMG how much do I love Directv so far?


With the new TV season starting, I have to re-create any series recordings I had previously setup on my cable DVR. Now, as many of you know, my memory is…well..somewhat challenged on details this days. Be it age, or (as I prefer to view it), just having too damn much to keep track of in the first place. So in a random moment when a TV show pops into my head that I know I want to record, well, I better make it note of it right at that moment.

Wait, did I say “take note”? How about “set up the recording right there no matter where I am?”

Because, of course, there’s an app for that. So Thursday night, when a tweet I was reading on my phone while eating dinner at In n Out reminded me that I wanted to record Chris Hayes’ new weekend morning news show on MSNBC (since it starts at 4am on the west coast)….I opened my DirecTV app and set up the recording. Which I am watching right now as I type.

A recording that I started watching upstairs while I was first waking up, and now am finishing watching downstairs. This whole house DVR thing is flipping awesome!!


I haven’t written about JV football yet, partly because there haven’t been any good pictures to support the stories BUT – the team is 3-0 after yesterday’s game and oh my gosh, speaking of love – how much do I love Friday Night Lights? Sure, the JV group kicks off at 4:30, but the second half of their game the lights came on and the crowd was pouring in early for the Varsity game so it’s certainly a more electric atmosphere at his games this year. Our #88 had a really good game with blocking that was so good that the announcer even called him out for it. Plus, he had the opportunity to return kick offs due to an injury and had a very nice run back that put the offense in a strong position for one of their touchdowns.


Ten years plus and yesterday the boyfriend calls me because the song playing on the radio made him think of me. The song? Bruno Mars’ “You’re Amazing”. Sigh….yeah, I know 🙂 LOVE.


Apparently, Amber approves of all of this, but mostly she wants to make sure the she gets all the love she can get at all times – hence my inability to write frequently:

Mama, how could you want to do anything other than scratch my chin?



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