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Disclaimer: despite recent attempts by vendors to place links and ads on my site – no one has paid me to recommend anything. Well, actually, these companies have paid me, which is why I like them – but not for THIS 🙂

However, if you are interested please click on the buttons I put up since they will give me referral credits. Which I am somehow already getting somehow on each one so I know they work, but I don’t remember asking for them before!

You’ll see two new buttons on the right side of the blog  – Ebates & Inbox Dollars. If you shop online, you REALLY need to check these two out.

I’ve had an account with Ebates since 2000, but after that first year I completely forgot about them. Then as the holidays approached and I was looking for every corner I could cut , I remembered them again and I am glad I did. They have cash back arrangements with just about every vendor I would ever use online. From 2-5%. That cash ends up in your account and 4 times a year they cut you a check. No fees, no other hoops to jump through, just hello! A check! In your mailbox. Since January I’ve received $80 from them. The next check cycle will have at least $58 in the account. How easy is that? I was already going to order items from Macy’s & Dell & Sears – the prices were no different – and then I EARNED money shopping with them? I can handle that.

Inbox Dollars is a little more complex, but they also provide a lot more ways to earn cash. (Notice how I focus on cash deals vs points that can turn into cash – I hate having to figure out how many points it takes to get to a certain cash level – just tell me how much money I have straight up please!) You do need to accumulate $30 minimum to get a check, BUT – I’ve now received $115 from them since January so it is not too hard to get there!

Why do I suddenly want to recommend them? Because of what happened this month. I got word that the Padres had signed a new TV deal which meant I would be released from the bondage of Time Warner Cable TV service and could shop around. I had settled on Directv so then I started my usual process – check on both Inbox & Ebates to see what kind of deals they have with that vendor. First I checked InBox and I clicked on their link advertising a $20 cash back flat rate deal. It took me to a page on the Directv site which showed the plans I wanted to sign up for and the the bonus free NFL ticket for a year yada yada yada. Then I went over to Ebates and did the same thing. Their site took me to the same Directv page, BUT, they had a $40 flat rate kick back. WINNER! So, two days later when I was ready to sign up, I started at Ebates and used their click through link. See that? Two days later. Oh, and from different places too. The first day I was doing my research during lunch at work (different network IP address). When I finally made the purchase I was at home.  24 hours after ordering Directv, I get the email notification from Ebates that $40 will be put into my account. Sweet! There was an up front equipment cost of $52 when I ordered the service so mentally now it felt like it only cost $12 to sign up. THEN – about 48 hours later I get another email. This one is from Inbox and it says my account has been credited $20 for the Directv sale! Huh? and Yay! Now I am UP $8!!

So – try them out. One, or both. You will get paid at least once – and maybe even twice for the same purchase!!

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