Outdoor Christmas lights 2011 edition

Thanks to my new camera that actually captures the light display rather decently (except for the odd purple glow in the backyard with all the multi-colored lights surrounding it) – here is the 2011 edition of my Griswold-like yard. As always, this was put up in one day. This year my eager helper was Renee who objects to being called a jolly helper elf. I don’t know why – she was a boat load jollier than either of my boys would have been (and have been in prior years!) She fully supported my notion that we should leave no lights on the shelf – old school or new. I’ve largely replaced all the strings with LED’s now anyway so the few old style lights aren’t going to burn that much more electricity. So we dangled the old red bows on the palm trees and hung the other displays on the corner bougainvillea.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s 4 strands of C7 LED’s on the side wall & 2 on the back wall

5 strands of C6s strung together from the edge of the front wall, around the corner and then along the hill – ALMOST to the end. Will be all the way when I hopefully received 3 more thanks to another SDG&E light exchange program.

12 strands of multi-colored icicle style LED strands on the back patio and roof line and in the peach tree

8 strands of snowflake LED lights on the main roof line

4 large LED snowflakes on the wall posts

2 LED shaped displays on either side of the garage

4 strands of white icicle LED lights on the front hill

6 candy canes

3 LED figurines

1 old school see-saw

4 old school red bows

4 old school rope lights on the hill

2 old school displays hanging from the bougainvillea

Set on two timers to run from 5-11pm

In other words – a shit-ton of Christmas lights! All strung up by two people over 5 hours. Woot!



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