Has anyone seen my Christmas spirit?

I’ve determined (ok, perhaps my body determined) that I can no longer deny the existence of the cold that has been trying to take hold since last week. I am now officially snuffly & coughy & generally cloudy headed & feeling icky and I will most likely whine about these things for a few days while I continue to drown myself in vitamin C. I am sure the 2 day burst of super warm, dry air over the weekend did not actually help the situation (WTF with the 80 degrees and less than 20% humidity?!). Of course, now we are plunging into another cold snap with possible rain so – yay?!

Anyhow, I pretty much crashed after the decorating frenzy on Friday and my tree currently contains about 12 ornaments. The boxes are still out and opened all around it and I have yet to find proper inspiration to finish it up. Not that the cats care as you can see above – they have already staked out their favorite new spots.

I may be the only person on a diet after Thanksgiving. Well, diet is a strong word – let’s just say I am making sure to eat my proper share of fruits and veggies every day and I’m avoiding all desserts until I can get in for my 6 months cholesterol checkup blood test. I was due in last week, but who wants to fast and deal with something like that the week of Thanksgiving? I could go this week, but well, I don’t feeeeeel welll (whine whine)…and I kind of want to at least have 7-10 days of a healthy diet in my system just to be safe. So I have not yet begun my next stage in holiday mania – the cookie baking explosion. I think that might have to wait until the second weekend of December.

Alex has made his dad and I apoplectic again over his grades and his overall attitude towards school. He has a head bang inducing 1.83 GPA right now which means that if he DID want to play a winter sport, he couldn’t. Kinda sad when you can’t even maintain the low 2.0 it requires to play sports!  Two of his teachers have contacted me about it now. One says she spoke with him and his response to her was that he “just didn’t want to do the work”. Lovely. Where in the heck does he get this idea that he doesn’t have to even try? We don’t understand and all we can do at this point is remove EVERYTHING fun from him. We’ve demanded a 3.0 GPA in order to return his Xbox and internet access and a 3.5 in order to get his driver’s permit (he’s eligible in Feb). I’m sure that means we are in for a not so jolly time with him over the next couple of months but…oh well!! He has got to get over this “I can do the bare minimum to get by” crap.

I tried to run on Sunday which was most likely not the best idea but I just HAD to try! The results were that I can barely manage 20 minutes and that I most likely need to just not attempt it again until I truly feel better. Which I hope is this weekend because I cannot stand not moving! (more whining, yes!)

My company holiday party is this Saturday and I have almost no interest in going! Free food (and it’s good) and I just can’t muster up enthusiasm. (whine whine).

It’s day two back at work after Thanksgiving and I have not made one move to decorate this place. And I normally go just as crazy here as I do at home. So far? Bah! (whine whine).

Maybe I can blame it on the calendar. After all, it IS still November. I mean, it sure seemed awesome to have Thanksgiving so early at the time. But…maybe it’s throwing me off?

Or maybe it’s just this damn cold (whine whine).


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  1. Your Christmas spirit might be off somewhere partying with mine. I got hit hard with the flu last week and all I can do lately is whine, whine, whine. I can’t even have cheese with that whine because, like you, I’m getting in shape for a visit to the doc. I promised to lose 20 lbs. before my next visit, and get some other numbers down. I’m working hard to avoid medication. Not too hard lately, though, as I wheeze a lot when I try to do my cardio workouts. Whine.


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