Dear friends whose holiday letter just arrived – adopt me, please!

Have suitcase – will gladly travel!

So I received yet another holiday card today with a letter about the past year. Now, I am not trying to make fun of it – really!

However – without naming names or ages or anything – here’s a quick bullet point list stuff they did:

  • Varsity Crew team
  • PTA Vice President
  • Preparing for a 2012 Bat Mitzvah – IN ISRAEL!
  • Skiing, swimming, hiking, yoga
  • Teaching drama and dance
  • Traveled in 2011 to Steamboat Springs CO, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Tuscany Italy & Karlsruhe Germany.
  • Traveling in 2012 to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Negev Desert (more could be planned!)

Yes – please – adopt me! I travel light – I swear!

Of course, the reality is that I put down this fabulous update about this family and then got right back down on the kitchen floor to continue cleaning out my long overdue and massively cluttered cabinets. No contrast there ;-/

Reality BITES!

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