Dear Martha – part 2 – HELP!

I think we all know 15’s academic challenges and such

He’s doing better thanks to me keeping that thumb on his forehead all the time. Even nearly finished with online driver’s ed as I mentioned. Last week, they had to meet with their counselor and sign up for 11th grade classes.

I wasn’t too focused on it because I didn’t think he’d get too aggressive with his courses. All he asked was about shuffling his summer online course targets to take Spanish 3 online vs Chemistry. He mentioned nothing else and when I asked him if he needed signatures he said yes, but that he’d get his dad’s (since I didn’t see him Friday after school).

 He forgot, of course, to go online and select his classes before the deadline so thanks to me asking about it again yesterday – he went into the counselor’s office today to sign up manually for the following classes:
Football PE
AP Calc A/B
AP Comp Programming
I knew he’d do AP History since that is the one AP class he has this year (and he loves it though he didn’t do well in 1st semester. He is doing much better so far).
Comp Programming is his “elective” which he can take as long as he passes the language requirement in summer.
Now, how (you might ask) does he go from a non AP math class in 10th grade – Math Analysis into AP Calc? Because he ALSO intends to take Pre-calc this summer online. Yes – TWO full year courses over the summer – which he points out is not that out of range when you consider he HAS to stay in town thanks to football weight training which will ALSO get him up early in the mornings. After Pre-calc, the only CALC classes at TPHS are AP. Same with Computer Programming. So he’s tentatively signed up (pending summer school success) for three AP classes in 11th grade.
I’m quaking in my boots NOW because I know what it takes out of ME to get him to do his work this year……HELP!! Cloning! STAT!

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