Dear Christine

No, this isn’t a new name I came up with to address – it’s the name that TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE use to address ME!

Note to parents: I know you worry about naming your children & how you spell their names because you don’t want them to be teased and such in school – yeah – forget that. Worry about the ADULTS who are too busy/inconsiderate/blind/disrespectful to care.

Now, I understand if you were first introduced to me in person and you get mixed up. ChristinA – Christine – they are close. I get it. I will even gently correct you once or twice once you develop your bad habit of getting my name wrong. Certainly, if we become close enough to consider each other friends and I see you fairly frequently, I WILL tweak you a bit if you keep screwing it up.


If you reply to me after I send you an email…when my signature clearly shows my name spelled out properly…and you STILL reply back to me “Dear Christine”? Well, as you can imagine I have now completely tuned you out. It doesn’t matter what you write after the salutation because my brain registered it as “Oh, a dumbass! DELETE!”

Now, trust me – I wish I could delete. But especially at work, I can’t. However, especially at work – I am even more insulted! How unprofessional do you have to be to not be careful about how you spell someone’s name? It just happened again this week. I sent an email in response to a voice message because I needed clarification what the dumbass..errr…co-worker needed. She responded with “Hi Christine….blah blah blah..I’m too stupid to care if I spelled that right…blah blah blah!” Ok, so everything after the misspelled name might have been what my mind read vs what it really said but….

I managed to swallow my annoyance and provide her an answer…and then I sort of stealthily BOLDED the a in my signature thusly:


Now – I have no clue if she noticed or not. You know why? Because not only is she blind – she’s also rude. After providing her the information she needed I got CRICKETS back in return. No “Thank you” – NADA.

Blind AND inconsiderate all in one package.

I blame Christine. She needs to GTFO of my life already!

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  1. I have the same problem. My name is CRYSTAL, and I get Kristin, Christine, Christina, Christa. I don’t understand people. How RUDE is it to blatantly IGNORE the spelling or pronounciation of someone’s name!? When they are being CLEAR! This woman at my previous job always called me by my co-worker’s name, so I intentionally started calling her Bertha. Her name was Nancy. It is a good solution, I think.


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