Dear Mildred


Isn’t that one of the coolest photos you’ve ever seen? Thought I’d send you this with best wishes for a fantabulous weekend. We, of course, are due again for rain on Sunday. Because it ONLY rains on weekends in San Diego. Seriously. It sucks.

What also sucks is that I have to go to a memorial service on Sunday. A much loved high school teacher passed away last month. Even though I never had class with him, I still knew him since it was such a small campus and nearly all of my closest friends did take his famous Art History class and then went on the summer trip to Europe with him. The stories I heard from those trips sure made me envious!! My best friend Jax was one of those students. She adored him. The one textbook she kept – which I now have – was her Art History book. Art Throughout the Ages. Funny how you can close your eyes and still picture textbooks from your past, right? Since Jax is gone, and I know it would have been important to her to honor this teacher, I will go in her place. Which is pretty much doubly sad for me, but I know it’s the right thing to do to honor HER memory.

Now, it wont all be sad! Because it means I will see a lot of my high school buds. Many of whom I have reconnected with on Facebook. A few lovely ladies in particular who I’ve come to know again will be here from up north. We’ll have a nice get together on Sat night before the memorial on Sunday. THAT part of the weekend will be fun.

Meanwhile, to ease any anger or outrage over other stupid things going on in the world, just stare into that water up there. I swear that and a good blueberry beer will soothe what ales you.

Hah! “Ales” you! Get it?! Hahahahaha. I kill me.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world,

Love, Me.

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