Catnip party!

It’s been awhile since I did some classic cat blogging, therefore I shall pander to the feline loving masses with photos from last night’s catnip party. After a couple nights in a row of the very loud late night/early morning cat fights and gallops up and down the stairs and hissing and growling at the foot of my bed, I decided it was time to break out catnip and mellow out at least one of them. Amber has always been a ‘nip head and I knew she would roll around on the new scratcher and love it forever if I sprinkled some on there. Chip normally turns his nose up at it, but has recently been more tempted and I *really* need him to love the scratchers so he can keep his deformed claws under control (one became ingrown again last week – ugh!) So, I sprinkled some liberally around on both, grabbed the camera and stood back to watch the show.

PSA – I do not condone this kind of behavior in humans – most of the time anyway 🙂

Nose buried in the 'nip.
Staring off into the distance as the high takes over
Such a disgraceful mess!
What? I'm fine. I can get up anytime I want!
Or, maybe not.
oooog...this stuff was stronger than I thought!
I swear...ung...I can get up...grunt
Maybe I just don't care to get up
Side by side 'nip snorting his 'nip better than mine?
Rawr! That's MY 'nip! Go'way!
Did she leave? I can haz 'nip all to myself nao?
snorf snorf snorf
Thank you mommy, this is some very good 'nip!
Didn't I tell you to get your own?
Not that I care right now. I'm pretty wasted.
See? We can be nice and take turns!

And that is pretty much how it went for about 30 minutes. Needless to say, they slept SOUNDLY through the night – and so did I!

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  1. Funny thing, none of the four cats that own me and my family reacts to catnip. However, my black, handsome Topik (feline love of my life) just cannot resist celery and carrot peels. The way he responds to them has a huge impact on vegetables intake in my family 😉


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