May 1 – Hormonal insomnia and HTML coding – wee!

Jeebus – on what is essentially day one of my Merry Month of May Journal, I nearly failed. Was about to close this puppy up and head upstairs because – yeah…did you see that title?

Around midnight last night I woke up with my heart racing and realized that from the time I fell “asleep” until then I had essentially been re-running my meeting with Eve in my head. Oh joy. That’s restful.

Then I realized that it wasn’t the thoughts in my head keeping me awake – it was just that I was feeling like I’d had two cups of coffee before bed. Which I didn’t of course.

Scroll down if you don’t want the following female oriented TMI. I’ll let you know when it’s safe to stop scrolling.

So, this is the new thing in hormones you see. I get to the end of a pack of b/c pills (uh oh, guess imma slut eh Rush?) and start on a new one right away to avoid the monthly visit from Flo. This goes on for three months and then I stop for a week to let things flush out and start back up again. It’s been great this way for the last five years. Instead of 12 hormone headaches a year, I only get four. Yes, they still cling on for 72 hours and no amount of pain meds gets rid of them but four times is still better than 12! Anyhoo – recently I’ve noticed that on month 2 I still get a headache, though it is not nearly as high on the pain scale and it kind of responds to OTC meds. BUT – the added bonus is it comes with insomnia – yay! So the headache started yesterday, the insomnia hit last night…it *might* hit again tonight and then by the end of tomorrow I’ll be clear. It quite righteously SUCKS and I would be quite happy if the menopause fairy would arrive already. Whcih she probably wont for another 3 or so years but this whole peri-menopause shit is..well…shitty!


So four hours of fretful, intense dream filled sleep later and I started the day with the plan right away to just get to work, get my first day of the month entries in and then head back home after a quick stop at the grocery for the remaining items I needed for the week.

Thankfully, work was again a fairly cooperative place and I somehow managed to stay pretty well focused on the tasks at hand. This is a small miracle as you might know if you follow me on twitter or facebook where I frequently fret about letting every shiny object grab my attention away from actual work! Perhaps it was leaving my phone at home yesterday (so no twitter as I strictly read that on my phone) that got me started on the right foot. Today I did bring my phone with me, but I turned off all notifications and didn’t touch it. That translated not only to actual work being done but also my battery was still 100% full at noon. An iphone! With full battery after being off charge for 4 hours! Not possible!

There was one odd thing at work. A card was passed around for everyone in the vicinity of my basement office to sign. A birthday? A retirement/moving on? A marriage? A new baby?


A “congrats on your 7 year anniversary here!” card. Huh? Color me Not Impressed. Talk to me when you hit a nice round number like 10, or 15, or 20, or 25. After my own run of 26 years there, 7 just doesn’t faze me anything worthy of that kind of recognition. Weird.

Got out of there at 2:30 and was home before 3:30 and sleeping by 4. Mild relief.

15 went right to his tasks at hand a little before 5 without whining and I sat down to do my own website homework. Which involved HTML coding. Which means what I thought might take an hour ended up taking 2.5 and involved a lot of cursing. But it’s done and the home page now has better content for the first time visitor (we hope!).

Todays color = Orange. Mostly because no cat peed on it 🙂

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