The merry month of May

So here’s a rarity. I’m going to try to write in here every night this month. Sort of like a (gulp) actual diary. I’m sure it will largely be boring and frequently short, but I know I will need to do some non technical writing to keep my brain clear. Having sold more books we are going to really ramp up the fresh content & format of PDIY. Also going to update the book itself & look into formatting it for kindle, nook & iBooks. Oh yeah, and finish up the in depth market research for the next site.
Yipes! I’ll need a place to process the rest of my day so prepare for the mundane.
Por ejemplo:
The first 60 mins of today (4/30) were a total fail. Woke up sore as hell from three hours of workouts yesterday & as an added bonus! Special! Sinus headache included. Chip peed on the floor while I ate breakfast do I got to clean that before I left which caused me to leave my phone at home. Ugh. Thankfully, I managed to shrug off the foul mood (though not the headache) as the day wore on. It helped that work itself went along pretty smoothly and that two more ebooks sold – yay! 15 was his usual uncooperative self regarding school & did the bare minimum as usual at first. Then he started talking about his Xbox “clan” and a schedule & goals and I said. “THAT! Show me THAT organization & motivation to meet goals with school & I’ll help you clear the space & time to reach your clan goals!” jeepers! Got a bit of agreement on that actually.
Meeting with Eve to get organized over dinner helped finally turn the day around.
Then Chip peed again 😦 ugh that cat!! I know I should take him to the vet soon. $$$ other than the peeing he is fine though. At least it’s just two spots on the wood floor (so far)
Now for the dorky part of this experiment: I am rating Monday Yellow. A little pee, a little virtual sunshine with both jobs & a middle of the road schoolwork day.

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