May 3 – A bittersweet birthday – with more pee!

After yet another puddle of pee was found when I got downstairs this morning I’ve made an appointment for Chip to go to the vet tomorrow morning to check for any health issues causing the unapproved peeing. Honestly I hope there is something psychically wrong because while that may cost $$, at leas it would be a concrete explanation for the recent accidents. I’m not sure what we would do if he was simply being an asshole! Damn cats.

The ONLY other thing that could be bugging him about the litter box might be the litter itself. So, I will also completely dump it out and clean it this weekend and fill it back up with Fresh Step Multi Cat which I was using regularly until I found something cheaper that it seemed like they were totally willing to accept.

I do think it’s a UTI though or perhaps crystals – something male cats can get. He was certainly having issues in December with constipation and I suspect that set him off on a round of other issues that has just spiraled into this week which is the worst ever. 3 puddles in 4 days. All in different places so now I have to treat 3 spots on the floor to remove the odor. Thankfully all on the laminate and not on carpet, but the puddles seeped under pieces of furniture or onto something which also needs to be decontaminated too. Bleargh!

So today as the Junior Seau news continued to cloud the airwaves, just happens to also be my dear friend Jacqueline’s birthday. She would have been 47. I would have sent her our traditional George Clooney birthday card (she sent me one every year and I reciprocated in kind exactly 5 months later). There is no question that Jax fought inner demons. All of us who were close to her knew that. We have all admitted that deep down we were not shocked she died as she did – it was just a question on when and really we know there was nothing we could do for her. That Seau’s demons were more hidden makes his death so much more unfathomable for everyone. So far, NO ONE has indicated they had a clue.  I hope his family does let the Boston clinic have his brain for study as has been requested. I think it would give them some comfort to have an explanation. At least, it would for me.

Anyhow…..thankfully the night was mostly peaceful at home. It’s amazing what flopping on the sofa with 15 and watching, Criminal Minds, CSI, Modern Family and Big Bang Theory will do to lift the spirits. A little intrigue, a lot of creepy and a ton of laughter. So I am bringing the color condition to blue today. Specifically turquoise blue for Jax – a jewelry color she loved to wear. Happy Birthday Jax – I’ll go gaze at some Clooney pics in your honor. It’s a sacrifice that must be made 😉

Oh look! Clooney – in a pool of BLUE water – yes, that will do nicely:


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