May 4th – cat drama and night out with 15

This will have to be quick as I am fading fast.

The day started at the vet with Chip the peeing cat. As the vet examined him and started rattling off the list of test she wanted to run (and I saw my savings account draining as she spoke), she had the stethoscope on him and announced “Oh, so he has a heart murmur?!” WTF? No! Um…no? At that point even though my head was already filled with talk of replacing both litter boxes (they get put off by the accumulation of odors over time), adding another one (there should be two per cat IF you have room), buying all new litter (switching back to his all time favorite Fresh Step), talking to the boys about ways we can eliminate stressors in his mind (access to all rooms and keeping the vacuum in the closet when not in use – last thing he peed on inappropriately was that) and a host of other things like new food, brushing their teeth every night, giving him pain meds and possibly even anti-anxiety meds (a cat? Lord!)…….NOW she thinks he needs to see a kitty-cardiologist??!!!

Oh hells no.

I left him for the urine and kidney lab work and told them to give me an estimate for a later date on the heart work. Then I posted about it all on facebook and Thank GAWD my sweet kitty mama friends assured me that a heart murmur is something cats can live with. Three of them had kitties who lived into old age with the condition without any treatment. So, now I don’t feel so bad about telling the vet that I would be putting that off – make a note in chart if he ever needs any kind of surgery, but no thanks on the $1,000 worth of cardio testing. Yes. $1,000. For TESTS.

Love ya Chip, but no. Not now. All I want you to do is go back to peeing in litter boxes. There are now three bright shiny new ones in the house. All easily accessible to them any time of the day or night. I also got some Feliway to treat the areas where he did pee over the last week to hopefully deter him from using those spots again.

The most likely scenario (after his kidney extra came back clear of stones thank heavens – cultures wont be back until Monday) is that he was constipated over the holidays which put pressure on his bladder and made it either hard to urinate or else hurt and then most likely to sort of go without warning. So he associated pain with the main litter box, couldn’t always access the back up (in 15’s room and he shuts the door) and then once he peed on the floor he just kept re-using those spots.

So the theory is that new litter boxes, more of them, and fresh litter in his prefered brand should get him back on track since he should have no current issues that we could find.

Or, as I put to him today when we got home “See Chip? While you were out, we totally remodeled your bathrooms for you and even installed a whole new one! You are so spoiled :)”

Thankfully the day ended of a much brighter note. 15 and I went to our first Padres game of the year. It was awesome. We talked about everything EXCEPT schoolwork, and laughed our asses off at our mutual inability to read the Interesting Facts displayed on the BIG scoreboard for each player – OK, not *total* inability – just that we both had to squint like hell and alternate dominant eyes in use in order to make out what was up there! The Padres fell behind FAST in the 1st but then rallied back and the game was tied when we left in the 7th. We have both been in bed by 9:30 all week and after stupidly straining our eyes as we did with our nonsense, we were getting sleepy headaches. Even if the Padres manage to lose the game, it was at least a lot of fun watching them rally back and getting to know the new players one stat and Interesting Fact at a time 🙂

Today was blue like yesterday though more midnight/navy Padres blue – here we are with our game faces on before the 1st pitch. Sitting up HIGH in the cheap seats tonight:

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  1. How frustrating that must be! I’ve never (luckily) had to deal with a cat who refused to use the litter box. Once, very mysteriously, my cat peed on Joe’s jacket but then never did anything like that again. I think it’s more of a boy thing than a girl thing.

    Now, indulge me for a minute as I speak as a person who just lost a sweet friend to cancer: Get pet health insurance.

    I have almost $2,000 on my credit card for my cat’s care, maybe only $300 of which was testing. And none of the cost, by the way, was treating the cancer. It all just added up over one month. We didn’t even know for sure what it was until the day she died. I was never put in the position of having to stop treating her because of money (which I’m not sure I’d be able to do anyway). First, it was that she wasn’t feeling well, Then it was that she had an infection and here’s medicine. Then it was that the medicine didn’t help, now try this. (It wasn’t an infection). And then she couldn’t walk so there was a trip to an emergency vet on Easter (okay, that one was a biggie) . . . I’ll stop there, but I’m trying to show how just trying to help her feel better and get to the bottom of it added up.

    Get health insurance now (so you can honestly say Chip has not been diagnosed with anything; I mean, unless the vet was 100% sure he has a heart murmur. I’m not sure if that makes him insurable). The plans I’m looking at are about $30 bucks a month and reimburse 80% of all treatments and tests (or I can pay an extra premium for regular checkup reimbursement, too, which I won’t do because the extra premium is higher than what my vet charges for checkups and shots).

    At the time, I felt no concern whatsoever about handing over my credit card. It’s only now that I’m seeing the charges on the card while not having her here with me that the cost stings. It might be the exact scenario that the expression “adding insult to injury” came from.


    1. Yeah – I had pet insurance for two years and then dropped it. Frankly – money is so tight right now that I cannot afford even the extra $30/mo – and – double that because I have two cats. When I had the insurance it was useless since it didn’t cover preventative exams or shots. So I was not only out the $400/year for the premiums, I was still paying $75/cat/year to the vet for the preventative stuff. I’d rather put that money in savings (which is what I used to pay for the tests since I don’t have any c/c).

      The vet was willing to work out a payment plan if I decided to go for the heart testing because she knows I pay cash only thankfully.


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