May 7th – It was Monday, that is all.

I woke up feeling every single one of those wheel barrows that Tanja had us do during circuit training. My upper back and shoulders are barking LOUDLY. I thought it would be my legs but no – that will probably be tomorrow. When I will wake up early and run before work. You heard it here first. Now let’s see if I do it 🙂

I love getting in to work and realizing I’ve been reading a deadline wrong for days. Especially when I find out that I read it as EARLIER rather than LATER. I don’t love when I get an email from upstairs asking if we COULD perhaps meet that earlier deadline because – oopsie! – we forgot to consider preparing for the upcoming Board meeting. I was ready, but the rest of my department was not and it was a scramble for them to finish their tasks by lunchtime vs end of day. Then sure enough I had to start running reports right as someone else asked for some OTHER sort of emergency need information. Such a Monday thing, right?

Thankfully this begins a week with 15 at his dads. So, while I did have to help him prioritize his tasks today, I could tag his dad for supervising the completion of them.

Then I had a minor panic attack that his AP test is in 10 days…..the kid who doesn’t know how to study for tests and never really taking the first MAJOR one in his life next week.

Of course, he plans on taking 2 of these next year so…..get used to it Mom, right?!

After he left I consoled my nerves with some gnocchi in olive oil & parmigiana cheese. (really spell check? fine. I’m Italian now!)

Oh, and a beer. Because once the whore moan headache days pass, every day ends best with beer. ESPECIALLY Mondays:

Today is a lovely warm golden brown – like this:


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