May 6th – running again and math

Last year at this time we had just finished up a wellness campaign at work where we counted our steps on a pedometer. There were conversion rates from other types of exercise into steps. I loved that things like gardening & vacuuming were on there. Because doing an hour of floor cleaning sure as hell felt like workout #1 today!!

After lunch I met up with my running buddies for a 45 minute trail run. Which became closer to 40 since a couple of us got there a little late (oops). This was my first run in a week and BOY was that OBVIOUS! I was huffing and puffing and still fell way behind the others. Just struggled the whole time. That’s what a week of being a slug will do dammit.

Back to the house after to get 15 & circuit workout supplies (weights & mat). 15 drove us to the park for our workout with Coach Tanja which also utterly kicked my ass. And my shoulders. And my quads. Lawdy I’ll be a whining, sore mess tomorrow!!

We all went out for sushi dinner after though so it was worth it. Well, 15 got chicken teriake (sp?) since he hates fish but anyway – love hanging with the Leg Up peeps! Great end to the weekend again. πŸ™‚

Of course once we get home its homework time & after tackling English 15 focused on preparing for a Wed math test. He has been complaining (shock!) that he doesn’t know HOW to study for tests (bigger shock, eh?) I told him I would give him tips but then he remembered that there were some formulas he needed to memorize & he had them there and wanted me yo quiz him.
But first he had to translate to English for me!! I mean, how the eff do you read out loud “csc (-u) = “???
Anyhow – he actually knew them very well & we came up with a few tricks to help with a couple & I’ll quiz him the next two days too.
So color me dazed & confused today from some hard workouts for my body & brain. Great prep for the week ahead, right?


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