May 12 – And peace was restored

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, but I am declaring that I celebrated mine today.

26 and I had a great day together (along with the aforementioned friend I took in to work yesterday).

I lounged in bed. The vet called to say Chip needed another day on the catheter. He was clearly feeling better but there was still blood in his urine so he needed to stay another day/night and then they should hopefully remove the catheter sometime tonight or in the morning and once he has peed on his own without issue he can come home.

Once we had that news the day was clear for me to do whatever. So, that’s about what I did! Moved from bedroom to sofa and watched a bunch of shows I had on the DVR. Cleaned a little. Knocked out my website tasks for the day. Read a little. Slept a little. Then the 3 of us walked down to the 56 trail. They continued walking and I took off on a run first heading away from them and then doubling back and meeting them out the other end to walk home. Got in 2.7 miles in 26 minutes. Yep, kept it under a 10/min mile pace. It was getting hard to run at that pace towards the end but still it felt good and at least this time I was running TO run vs running to get away :))

When we got home, 26 started making dinner and just as I sat down for that, Eve texted me to come up there and finish up what we started last night. We got a lot done, and I now have a pretty full task list on my plate 🙂

Oh yeah, 15 took a practice AP test today. I was actually proud of him for a) signing up and b) not lying about being chosen to have one of the limited slots. I texted his dad around 10:30 (test started at 8) to find out if 15 was as thrilled to be there as I expected. He responded ‘tickled pink!’ I told him that I was boldly predicting that when he got done he would state that it was “a HUGE waste of time!” They swung by here after the test was over to pick up some coupons from me and he marched into the house and said “I still hate you for making me sign up for that! It was pointless!!” I laughed and showed him the text I had sent to his dad guessing he would say something like that….he did (at least) have the decency to laugh at himself over being so predictable in his grumpiness!

Amber is very confused about being an Only Cat right now and is clinging to me more than usual so I am glad I was a homebody today and gave her lots of attention. She misses her buddy despite the way he annoys her when he chases her around. Hopefully tomorrow we can reunite them.

All I really care about is that peace and order was restored to the house and its occupants today. Ah, there’s the merry!

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