May 11th – And you think I run to stay in shape!

I run to get out of here and clear my head and focus on myself for 30-60 minutes at a time. If it happens to keep my body in shape too – well, BONUS!

(Ok, not entirely true but I have to admit that getting out of here last time was my primary goal)

Chip is back in the vets office. Not constipated. His bladder was blocked so he’s staying overnight with an IV for dehydration and a catheter to get everything drained.

Given that peaceful situation it’s no wonder that 26 and I had a bit of a conflict today right? Yeah. Let’s just say we weren’t communication really well about things especially since I woke up at 4:30am to find Chip listless near my bed and my attempts to give him water were unsuccessful. Then I had to take his friend to work (long story) and THEN I came back home to tell him to step up and call the vet and take Chip in himself because I had to get to work (dammit!). Some defensive freak out attitude later resulted in me snapping and yelling at him and slamming the door and just about screeching wheels to get the hell out of here.

Flash forward to coming home from work – meetings and more meetings but at least some GOOD ones with my staff who truly are the best group ever that I have – squeezed in between that a random complaint from a maintenance manager about one of my staff speeding through the parking garage (clearly that guy was having a bad/stressful day to not only flip out about that but then to confront my employee a second time, get his name and march down to tell me about it all) – where was I? Oh yeah, get home to further clear the air with 26 and find myself barely able to contain composure again. I’m supposed to be heading out to meet with Eve because our website traffic has gone in the toilet thanks to some Google Penguin crap (don’t ask) and I had to take a breather first. Then I go to 15’s room where he is playing Xbox while waiting for his dad to get here. Wanted to tell him I was heading out – all I do is put my hand on his shoulder and say hi “WHAT?!” comes back in return with about as much disgust as a 15 year old can muster. I just said “Hi – bye” and backed out slowly before tears started.

Yeah – I think I will be heading to the doctor next week for a hormonal check up. Been feeling off just enough to see that there is more going on than just the day to day stresses of life and I am taking them WAY too hard for no real reason. Might be time for a new b/c pill to get me over the last few years to menopause.

For the record – I named this the Merry Month of May series – who stole the merry?

Whatever – I’ll sleep well tonight because I know Chip is getting the medical attention he needs, the boyfriend will back me up if the vet wont take a payment plan, 26 and I got our crap out and are totally on the same wavelength again and 15 is with his dad for another day. I’ll settle up with him on the attitude next week. Also? Having friends to run away to for quesadillas and bourbon REALLY helps!

Speaking of quesadillas – Siri impressed the hell out of me today by recognizing that word on the 1st attempt. Smart phones – indeed!


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