I know, I’ve gone from writing every day in the Merry Month of May to maybe thinking about this place once a week 🙂

What can I say? I wrote my fingers off last month. That was a lot of output. June has been about more input.

Researching a new business website topic. Going back over the lessons we are taking  listening to audio recordings, reading articles, filling in worksheets. (OK, I guess that last bit is some writing).


Reading actual fun things! I was in a bookstore on Monday and I actually bought a (gasp) book! Rachel Maddow’s Drift though I haven’t started reading it yet. Maybe tomorrow. I had a bit of a backlog in magazines this week. And not the “flip through ’em” kinds.

Today after a few errands and a nice mid-day run – 5k on the dirt track at the middle school in 31 minutes thanks to an easy pace set by Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits in my ear – I had a late lunch then a cat nap and then said “Wait! Why am I inside?!” When I was running even in the middle of a sunny day the breeze was fantastic. So I set up a lawn chair, brought out my foot rest that is the perfect height, poured a nice vodka lemonade over ice and gathered the magazine pile:

Roses in the afternoon sun

I was out there for 2 full hours (and read one magazine cover to cover). It was glorious. Input is alright.

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