Short Stories from Casa Crazy

Some time ago as joke I created a Facebook location for our house and called it Casa Crazy. I did it because I’d had dinner with some friends who had all commented on how LAME Facebook check ins are, especially when people are checking in from home and calling their home some cutesy name. So, ha ha ha, I ran home and created the location and checked in with some trite statement like “chillin’ on the patio at Casa Crazy with Amber and Chip” or some such nonsense. Yes, I cracked us up, I tell ya!

So here are some more riotous tales from Casa Crazy!

(Hah, I originally typed that Casa Cray and realize now I *should* have called it Casa Cray Cray…might need to update that!)


This weekend at the San Diego International Triathlon Eve and I were at the finish line watching racers come in and keeping an eye out for Renee. One guy was running in, drifted off to the side where spectators were, got his toddler aged daughter in his arms and carried her the final 30 yards or so to the finish line. Adorable. And a bit dangerous when you consider that other racers were sprinting in all around him and he was lucky he wasn’t run down as he drifted in and out. Of course, at least he did carry her and clearly he had no podium aspirations (or he knew he was so far ahead that he could slow down to get her and not lose a spot). So we stuck with thinking it was sweet overall.

Then we spotted Renee coming in on the next to last turn. She was motoring along pretty well and was mostly in a group of men also coming in but there was one woman ahead of her. As they hit the final turn, the woman in the front did The Drift to the side! And yep, she snagged a kid! She was a little further back than the previous guy had been and this time she was pulling in a 5-6 year old boy into the chute. And she wasn’t carrying him. I see this all unfolding right in front of Renee and my first was concern was that she not crash into them because she had quite the head full of steam. (Alternately my competitive side was thinking ” Just push him outta the way girl!!”) She did have to alter her path a bit to avoid him, but then she took off and finished ahead of mom and son.

By .02 seconds. Not 2 seconds. .02 seconds. How do we know? Because that was the difference between 2nd and 3rd place in their age group. Thanks to mom pulling her kid along with her, she lost her #2 spot. Hah!


15 will kill me later, but this was too funny not to share. He was making himself some chicken noodle soup while telling me a story of some sort (in the right mood he pretty much never shuts up). He opens the can, dumps the contents in the bowl, throws the can away, picks up the bowl in one hand and opens the refrigerator with the other yapping all the way. Now, I suspected he was going to grab the juice container for whatever reason but… can probably guess what he did right?

Yup, bowl of soup, right into the refrigerator! I just stood there looking at him as the realization comes over him and then he looks and sees me grinning. Completely unable to cover that up, he had no choice but to burst out laughing as I did the same. “When did you move the microwave?!” he managed to blurt out through giggles. Yeah, nice try son.


If you have cats, then you know this scenario. No matter where I settle down to either read/watch TV/work(futz) around on the computer, they will be RIGHT THERE! I always laugh when I am seated at the dining room table working at my laptop and I will have one cat on the left, and another on the right. The three of us, basically crammed into a little 2×3 foot spot of carpet in an 1800 sft house! And of course, I have no way of getting up from my chair without stepping on one of them. Sigh………………..

Well, flash forward to tonight when I decide to sit outside after dinner and read my book. It’s a clear summer evening and until the sun drops below the roofs of the houses across the way, it will be perfectly toasty, but not hot or cold. I’m out there in the peace & quiet for about 5 minutes tops when I hear Amber howl inside because she knows I am right Out There and she cannot be with me. Suck it up cat. Mama wants a few minutes of space. Then 15 pops through the front door to discuss plans for his trip to the fair tomorrow. Then 26 comes out the side to smoke a cigarette and water the plants. And just like that both boys are talking to me and/or to each other as we are all packed into two squares of sidewalk concrete. Meanwhile the cat is howling inside.


Goodnight from Casa Cray Cray Crazy.

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