A glorious long weekend in San Diego

Yes, I know, I live here so the headline could seem as if it is hinting that I traveled somewhere new. Which I did. Sort of.

Friday night started it off out in east county for the first varsity football game of the season (horrible…penalties, turnovers…lost 22-7…16 still on the sideline though he should be suiting up around Game 3….) We are still in the throes of this summer humidity laces heat wave that wont end so it was REALLY warm out there, but fun as always and just as the night descended…the Blue Moon started to rise:

Saturday had been set aside to visit with my high school buddy Lisa who drove down from LA to take her own end of summer vacation away from it all (her medical practice + TV show which keep her insanely busy so seeing her…or exchanging more than two line text messages or emails – is very rare)


We enjoyed a 2+ hour lunch at Barbarella in La Jolla just up the street from the Beach & Tennis club where she was staying, then we wandered back to her room and prepared to sit out on the beach:

I told her I was teasing my running buddies with this photo and she said “Tell them to get out here with us!” and the next thing you knew Renee, Eve, Lisa and I spent the rest of Saturday sitting on the beach and then wandering right back into town for a fantastic Italian dinner. It was one of those completely relaxing summer days/nights which, on it’s own, would have made the long weekend superb.

But there was more to come!

Sunday we went for our usual longer run. We got a later start than usual so it was plenty warm by the time we started with the hill repeats but it actually wasn’t that hard. I’m starting to think I am getting decent at this running thing!

The girls then asked me if I wanted to join them out to a horse ranch/birthday party bbq and I said “Hey, why not?” Back out to the back country of San Diego for yet another change of pace:

Monday we had a full day planned, though again starting later so we could all sleep in. Chip made sure I didn’t get up before I was needed to:

The day was spent out on the downtown Embarcadero where they were celebrating the Festival of Sails – a collection of tall sailing ships were docked there and we could climb all over them and some even went out for voyages in the harbor as well as some mock cannon battles. We didn’t take a voyage but we did climb over every boat we could and we got some shots of the sailing ships:

After four solid days out in the sunshine and heat, it was finally time to end the final day with a trip to a nice, dark, cool bar:








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  1. I had a great weekend visiting my son in Seattle. The weather was beautiful. We did almost nothing. Sometimes nothing is glorious, and as your weekend attests to, sometimes A LOT is glorious. I think it depends a lot on the company and we were obviously both in wonderful company!


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