Another One Bites The Dust

Another summer – done!  Another school year begins. Here’s the status I just dropped on Facebook:

First day of 11th grade!

No, I didn’t take any pictures (I am lame and he wouldn’t have allowed it anyway).

No, I didn’t honk and encourage cars to run over the students streaming across the intersection when the light was green (I just thought about it).

No, I didn’t honk at or flip off the driver in the drop off line who gummed up the whole mess letting out two kids whose backpacks were in the trunk and apparently impossible to remove in the normal 30 seconds. (that was incredibly self-disciplined of me).

Yes, I did hear other drivers honk and yes, I did see one driver completely confused to the point of ending up in the middle of an intersection during a red light. 

The good news? I think everyone got through it all relatively unscathed. High school drop off is not for the weak!

The real kicker there is that we were arriving EARLY today so he could pick up his official schedule (we had looked online last night to see the periods and teachers but he still didn’t have his classroom numbers). I am, of course, blaming the new Freshman parents and students for all the drama. It should settle out within 30 days and then only be marginally scary 🙂

An interesting development last night as he attempted to wrap up his online math class before school started: he showed signs of *actually* caring about the grade he will earn! The first semester class he ended up with an 88% and had pretty much been carrying that from the first section. The second semester has been harder and he’s been flirting around the 80% line the whole time. The grading isn’t weighted – there are a total number of points available so you can figure out what you need to earn to get certain levels of grades. Well, when he was done with the final exam last night at around 9:30pm he didn’t sound pleased. I asked if he was done and he said yes, for the night he was done, but he wanted to go back and “clean up” some homework assignments and discussions to pick up more points (he has until the 31st).

Wow! He actually WANTS to go find more points? Does that mean he CARES about his grade and GPA?

Shhhhhhh……..don’t let on that I noticed that 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a great start for the new school year and it does sound like he cares! I think that having them driving so they can drive themselves to and from school (saving mom the ordeal) is the single best advantage to having them drive!


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